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Dr. EVIL LOGO Dr. Evil wants to destroy the world, but when a basket of kittens arrives on his doorstep, it’s his own world that gets turned upside down.  The Council of Evil is set to arrive any minute for the unveiling of the thermal ray — Dr. Evil’s latest weapon of world domination — and he must impress them at all costs.  If the Council finds him with this basketful of precious kittens, they may never offer the financial backing he needs to complete his dastardly project.  Being truly evil, there is only one solution that Dr. Evil can think of...  (gasp!)  the kittens must be destroyed.  But with several identical baskets going in and out of his lab and the crazy antics of his assistant’s mummified mother, his own vampire mother and the practical-joke-loving family of were-hyenas who live next door, the kittens just may make it out alive.  You’ll be rooting for the precious little fur balls the whole way.  If not, Dr. Evil’s neighbors, Mary Shelley and Dr. Frankenstein, who narrate the evil tale, might think you’re just as evil as Dr. Evil himself.  One thing is true, being bad has never been this much fun!


Dream Catcher Cast List
“Dr. Evil & the Basket of Kittens”
MARY SHELLEY – Hailey Eakin
DR. FRANKENSTEIN – Jeremy Humphres
FRANK JR. – Ayden Boling
SHIRLEY – Leia Meadows
INFERNA – Jennifer O’Steen
MARGO – Katie Colburn
UNNA WERE – Madison Inman
SYLVA WERE – Katie Adkins
DR. EVIL – Sam Gray
PIERCE – Chris Hart
WEATHER REPORTER – Cameron Gardenhire
MUMMY – Bentley Qualls
ANNIE WERE – Katie Kemp
LORD WARHAMMER – Payten Climer
PRINCE VLADI – Connor McCandless
MOMMA CHER WERE – Emily Manard
PAPA TUPPA WERE – David Poirier
CHILD – Keegan Blakley
MOTHER – Allison Johnson
“Comedic” Human Onstage Sound Effects Characters:
Ashlin Dale
Kylie Rinehart
Lydia Thorne
Emma Wilbanks
Gracie Young
Stage crew:
Gavin Broughton
Avery Groft
Jonathan Tisdale



DOROTHY FRYE (50s/60s)
Dewey Frye’s widow and the matriarch of the family. A character with heart, compassion, and burning loyalty for her family.

The middle child and future president of the Junior League. Sammy Jo is in charge – in everything she does – even when she isn’t.

HARLENE FRYE (30s/40s)
The oldest child and prodigal daughter, Harlene left Mississippi to “find herself” and returns for her father’s funeral. Unsure of her life’s path, her rocky past creates tension with her sister upon her arrival home.

The youngest child and not the brightest bulb. Dewey Jr is a kind and helpful soul, and struggles with everyday life. Wisdom of a child.

DUB FRYE (50s/60s)
Dorothy’s brother-in-law who is the antagonist of the play. He is over confident and believes he is the smartest one in the room.

Family lawyer and on-again-off-again love interest of Harlene. Has been pining for Harlene since Kindergarten.

Sammy Jo’s husband, and has the sarcastic mouth to prove he belongs in the same house with her.

MARTHA ANN FOX (50s/60s)
Dorothy’s best friend. Sweet and loving.

Contemporary of Dorothy and Martha Ann. All friends since high school. Fairy June is a confused soul, but not ditzy.

Best friend of Dewey Frye Sr. Down to earth man who works with his hands. Eats pork rinds in every scene. That kind of guy.

Chairwoman of the SonShine committee at the church, a position she does not take lightly. Ozella and Sammy Jo hate each other because they both want to be in charge.




Monument"The Heritage Tour of the

Historic Savannah Cemetery" 

Dreamweavers is looking for actors who would like to reenact one of the personalities listed below. The performance will require memorizing a 2 to 4 minute monologue, attending rehearsal to prepare and performing on Saturday, October 14th from 2 to 8PM at the cemetery. If you have costuming appropriate for the individual, please wear it at the audition.

These are only a few of the amazing people laid to rest here in the Savannah Cemetery, and our hope is that this will be a tradition for our community to continue. These individuals were chosen by the Savannah Cemetery Association to be reenacted during the first Historic Savannah Cemetery Tour.

Image may contain: 1 person Elizabeth Patterson
American theatre, film, and television character actress who gained popular recognition late in her career playing the elderly neighbor Matilda Trumbull in the television comedy series I Love Lucy.

Image may contain: 1 personQueen Haley
Daughter of James Jackson and Easter Jackson
Wife of Alex Haley Sr.

Image may contain: plant and outdoorCaptain Risden Davis DeFord
Civil War Captain, Hardin County Entrepreneur, Politician

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and suit
 Lon A. Scott- the only Hardin County resident to serve a term in Congress, term: 1921-1923

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, hat and outdoor Mae Hall – of the Shackelford family, won 2 National Single Titles for Shuffleboard, featured in Sports Illustrated twice

Gillian Holloway Gillian Holloway
Her life was cut short in a tragic accident

Image may contain: 1 person, shoes and hat Hank DeBerry
An American professional baseball player, and

Bolden Rush Harrison

 Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient