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"Cats" is ready to pounce into the Historic Savannah Theater!

Rehearsals for Cats will be held on M, T & TH from 6:30-9:30 and

Saturdays 10 AM to Noon for dance practice.


CAST Tammy Brown Jennyanydots 
Sam  Brown Mungojerrie/Skimbleshanks
Bob  Brown Munkustrap
Ben  Brown Rum TumTugger
Tess Eledge Jemima
Morgan Franks Rumpleteaser
Greg Franks Gus/Growltiger
Tia Gannon Bombalurina/ DANCE CAPTAIN
Ashley Greene Jellyorum/Griddlebone
Connie Harrison Cassandra
Jeremy  Humphres Carbuckety
Kelly Jordan Alonzo/Bustopher Jones/DANCE CAPTAIN
Gaye King Sillabub
Adriana Landreth Victoria
Terry Marshall Macavity
Brian Neyman Deuteronomy/Victor
Angie Neyman Grizabella
Lynsie Nickels Demeter/DANCE CAPTAIN
Jason Poirier Bill Bailey
Kim Poirier Electra
Lyndsay Smotherman Coricopat /Siamese/DANCE CAPTAIN
Hunter Steele Mistoffelees/Quaxo
David  Woerle Rumpus Cat
Kaitlin Wolfe Tantomile/Siamese
Neely Brown Artemis
Erin Cook Nike
Jessica Cox Iris
Madison Inman Persephone
Hollie Manard Calypso
Leia Meadows Cosmos
Kittens/Beetles Emilia Landreth
William D. Poirier
Larissa Cox
Basket Cat Janelle Woerle
Box Cat Lyndsay Boyd
Scottish Cop Johnny Harrison

CREW M. I.  Marshall Producer/Director
Bob Brown Choral Director
Wylie Gardner Stage Manager / Stage Construction
Carol  Arnold Costume Mistress
Pat Faulkner Artistic Director/Stage Art/Props
Laurie Alexander Stage Art/Props/Makeup
Tammy  Eakin Stage Art
Tammy  White Lighting
Kevin Zuhn Sound 
Sherri  McCaughan Makeup Chair
Anna Meadows Makeup Artist
Sam Morris Makeup Artist 
Tia  Gannon Dance Captain
Molly  Hall Dance Captain
Kelly Jordan Dance Coach
Lynsie Nickels Dance Captain
Lyndsay Smotherman Dance Captain
Kaitlin Wolfe Dance Captain
David Woerle Director Stage Construction
Bobby  Faulkner Stage Construction/Stage Crew
Terry Marshall House Manager
Blake  McCaughan Usher 
Dana Spindler Program Design
Tammy  Brown Program
David Meadows Marketing/Publicity