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Dorothy Frye Hollie Broughton
Sammy Jo LeFette Sarah  Morris
Harlene Frye Stephanie Perry
Dewey Frye Jr. Sam Morris
Dub Frye Greg Franks
Atticus Van Leer Anthony Eanes
Beecham LeFette Spencer McCaughan
Martha Ann Fox Samantha Miller
Fairy June Cooper Pat Faulkner
Benny Charles Greenwood David Woerle
Ozella Meeks Janelle Woerle
Producer M. I.  Marshall
Director Wylie Gardner
Stage Manager Terry  Marshall
Lighting Tammy White
Costuming Carol Arnold




Monument"The Heritage Tour of the

Historic Savannah Cemetery" 

Dreamweavers is looking for actors who would like to reenact one of the personalities listed below. The performance will require memorizing a 2 to 4 minute monologue, attending rehearsal to prepare and performing on Saturday, October 14th from 2 to 8PM at the cemetery. If you have costuming appropriate for the individual, please wear it at the audition.

These are only a few of the amazing people laid to rest here in the Savannah Cemetery, and our hope is that this will be a tradition for our community to continue. These individuals were chosen by the Savannah Cemetery Association to be reenacted during the first Historic Savannah Cemetery Tour.

Image may contain: 1 person Elizabeth Patterson PORTRAYED BY Carold Arnold
American theatre, film, and television character actress who gained popular recognition late in her career playing the elderly neighbor Matilda Trumbull in the television comedy series I Love Lucy.

Image may contain: 1 person

Queen Haley PORTRAYED BY Varand Sevier
Daughter of James Jackson and Easter Jackson
Wife of Alex Haley Sr.

Image may contain: plant and outdoor
Captain Risden Davis DeFord PORTRAYED BY Greg Franks
Civil War Captain, Hardin County Entrepreneur, Politician

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and suit
 Lon A. Scott-PORTRAYED BY Kelly Jordan
 the only Hardin County resident to serve a term in Congress, term: 1921-1923


Mae Hall PORTRAYED BY Kim Poirier
of the Shackelford family, won 2 National Single Titles for Shuffleboard, featured in Sports Illustrated twice

Gillian Holloway
 Gillian Holloway PORTRAYED BY Shelby Webb
Her life was cut short in a tragic accident

Image may contain: 1 person, shoes and hat Hank DeBerry PORTRAYED BY Sam Brown
An American professional baseball player, and

               Bolden Rush Harrison PORTRAYED BY David Woerle

                    Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient